50km, 1000m ascent, 2 days (9 hours running time)
Category: Adventure, Camping
Difficulty: Beginner (liberal timings, good public transport)

We did this run in May 2013

What to do with a bank holiday weekend? Unfortunately I was still thinking this at 6pm on Friday evening, staring into my office computer for inspiration… Somewhere not too far away, runnable and campable. Stephan rang me at that moment. “Why don’t we go to the Gower?” he said. “I’ve always wanted to run all the way around it.” What a great idea! Less than three hours in the car, lots of campsites (no wild camping is allowed on the Gower) and good public transport if we got stuck anywhere. Not to mention, it would be a weekend full of sun, sea and sand instead of the usual wind, rain and bracken. I did some quick research, jotted down some campsite numbers and headed for home to pack the camping stuff!

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